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ConnectTherapy concept Physiotherapy

  • 1 h
  • Senses Physiotherapy and Massage Clinic

Service Description

Connect therapy is a revolutionary systemic approach to assessing & treating an individual as a whole. If you are in pain or have ever been in pain, your body & nervous system adapt & compensate to allow you to do whatever you are trying to do, but even if you are not in pain, your body is performing less obvious compensations all the time. This is usually a great thing, however, when it is the same compensation over and over again, it overloads the same body parts to the point of irritation & pain. When a region in your body is stuck in a particular pattern, it limits options for how your body can perform tasks; it forces you to use the same movement patterns or compensations. The primary aim of Connect therapy is to unlock the area(s) of your body that are stuck in a particular pattern to restore those options that have been lost. Nature has shaped our bodies to be intelligent, self-restorative, & designed to move efficiently. Pain is a part of our intelligently designed bodies, and so serves a purpose. Under most circumstances, pain is a warning signal to us that something in our body-mind is approaching its physiological limits and requires some respite. By restoring optimal function & movement of the whole body, the Connect therapy approach is helping the body-mind to move in the way that it was their physiological limits.

Contact Details

  • 2948 Baseline Road unit 03, Ottawa, Nepean, ON K2H 8T5, Canada


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